The Top Accessories to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing a lot of my favorite autumn things, from coats and shoes to the most comfortable sweaters. And although a properly selected coat can really complement your outfit, there are still a few things that are worth investing in and that can change your wardrobe – autumn accessories. Autumn fashion involves superimposing on top of each other, so it is important to combine important accessories to create a universal and stylish wardrobe. In addition, properly selected accessories can instantly beautify your image and make the complete outfit more expensive. Considering that there are still a few months left until the onset of the harsh cold, accessories are the key to updating your wardrobe for cold weather. Below I have collected the best accessories for autumn.


Scarves are my favorite way to spice up a blazer or jacket. They are perfect to add extra color or a print to your outfit – or to keep your neck warm and protected. I also like faux fur stoles, which look so elegant in combination with evening dresses during the holidays. There are so many styles available like these that feel luxurious and soft.

Ponchos or capes

Ponchos and capes are great accessories to create an image. Many are made of luxurious but comfortable fabrics, which makes them a perfect transitional clothing that can be worn as a light blanket. They are so easy to buy as most are only available in one size.


An indispensable autumn-winter thing that I think will complement any outfit is a hat. Cups with pompoms are my main focus on the soft and chic variant, but I prefer felt hats with wide margins if I want to look fitter. You can find more information about my favorite headdresses in this post here.

Comfortable socks

Socks are sewn with shoes not only for wearing. There are so many styles that sit comfortably and look cute when you look at knee-high boots or leggings that are connected to each other. As soon as it gets colder, I like to wear them at home with an oversized sweater.

Walking shoes

Although rubber-soled hiking boots look like I rarely wear them, they are in fact very practical for the winter months in Minnesota. With jeans and a sherpa jacket, they are also very cute. Every time I look for comfortable shoes that are weatherproof and keep my feet warm, I first choose walking shoes with sheepskin lining.


It’s no secret that I wear sunglasses all year round, but I especially liked the strict rectangular shapes and flying styles. I love how slightly enlarged lenses add a little glamor and secrecy to any outfit.


Gloves are a characteristic accessory of the autumn-winter season. I’m still amazed at how this low-key thing can complement your look, especially if you use a pair of leather or a cashmere lining.

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