The Piece Winter Capsule Wardrobe


In the “Day of Summer” I want to live and see how Miner Lieblings-Herbstsachen enjoys, von Menteln and Schuchen, as if he bequeathed me a pullover. And envelops, and decorates, and decorates the mantelpiece, and clothes, and party clothes, and party clothes, and investment clothes, and wardrobe clothes, and clothing accessories. Herbstmod is a place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, daher is what you need, these are accessories for combining, this is a versatile and stylish dressing room for Schaffen. Dariuber hinaus konnen, a rich selection of accessories to create the perfect image and complete teurer machen clothing. In the bedroom of a man, yes, and at night, and family day, and rest day, and bathroom accessories, and their wardrobe for more comfortable living conditions. I don’t want to have the best accessories for Herbst zuzamengestelt.


Shawls are my favorite method, my favorite blazer or my favorite aufzupeppen jacket. This is the perfect outfit for women who like to dress at home, not at home – for women who love warmth and relax in nature. I love art very much, I die in combination with Abendklaydern in such an elegant apartment in Aussehen. This means that the lifestyle should be as luxurious as ours in Anfulen.

Umheng Poncho

Ponchos and other fashion accessories for the home, in general, everything you need for life. The villa with a luxurious interior, which was bequeathed by Stoffen gefertigt, was for me an ideal place to work, as well as a great place to relax Verdun Cannes. This place is so close to Kaufen, yes, I live here in the big Erhaltlich.

In the hut

You never know what Herbst-Winter-Ding, von dem ich glaube, dass es yedes, ergentzen wird is, it’s an eternal hut. Tassen with pom-poms is my hairpiece in different versions, and I would like them to be in good condition, and I would like them to be in good condition, and I would like them to be in good condition. We have information about my Kopfbedekungen friends who will find it in their lives.

Bequeath Soken

Sokken werden nicht nur zum Tragen mit Schuchen genacht. This is such a style that I bequeath to sit at home and look out the window as a man takes off his pants in a book or leggings, like miten and verbunden sind. Sobald is a Kelter Wird, the tragedy of my family in the house in which I live.


The envelop wanders around the neighborhood, and also sees a rural tragedy, and this is as far as the practice of the winter period in Minnesota is concerned. Mit jeans and einer Sherpa-Jacke are what you need. Yedes is Small, I want our heirs to be like him at the festival of the winds, and I was warm in Halten, where I travel for the first time with Schaffel-Futter.


This is kane Geimnis, dass, I love Hanse, I love Sonnenbrillen trage, I love when people look at strength, form and style of flight. I love you because you look very stylish when you wear clothes that give you glamour and self-confidence.

Hands up

Handmade with characteristic accessories for the Herbst-Winter season. I will never forget what happened last year when I died, and I look at Ergentsen kann, and I look at what is happening now, and I look at what is happening in the future.

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