The Main Items of My Autumn Wardrobe from Sale in Store


One of my favorite sales in the fall season is the Shopbop seasonal sale, which is being held now. This is a good time to start saving on new brands that rarely go on sale. So many of my favorite eternal things that I wear all year round belong to Shopbop. From chic and affordable things to middle-class brands – they really have something for everyone, regardless of their budget. Shopbop has one of the most carefully crafted ranges, so if I ever feel uninspired, I’m just looking for fresh ideas and inspiration on how to wear the latest trends. Keep scrolling to see which favorite wardrobe items are included in the Shopbop seasonal sale.

Information about sales in the store

The sale season at Shopbop officially ends tomorrow, 29.9. – then hurry up! There is a 20% discount on most products, but if you spend more than you need, you can save 25% on the total order. Use the code “STOCKUP18” when placing an order.

My most worn out jacket

One of my favorite jackets is also one of the cheapest, it comes in three colors (I like it so much that I bought all three), and it is on sale. It is always available in all three colors and in most sizes.

Favorite Faux Leather Trousers

Leather trousers are one of the main items of my autumn wardrobe. You do not need to give up genuine leather to give the image an attractive look! One of my favorite styles, and it’s included in the Shopbop event.

My Favorite Styles from Levi’s

Levi’s is undoubtedly my favorite household goods brand. Every season there are so many new styles that I used to go too far and buy any pair that I like. Some of my favorite pairs are still in stock and on sale!

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