The Local Knights Are Chic Outfits for Any Festive Hearing


The holiday countdown is underway and this is one of the most exciting times of the year for me. There is nothing more fun for me than meeting old friends and family to celebrate the holidays. The Season is never complete without a few gatherings that I know can be so difficult to dress up for. From casual get-togethers with friends to formal cocktail parties, choosing the right outfit for the different dress codes can be stressful, especially if you are shopping and also receiving gifts. I am now starting to plan my outfit well in advance because I never want to be in a situation where I don’t know what to wear. Since holiday outfits also sell out quickly, it’s simply better to start shopping early. Today I’m going to tell you my secret to quickly find and organize the best holiday looks.

One of my favorite resources for outfit planning is ShopStyle. The search function tool has always been so useful for searching for different styles, whether it’s a sequined dress or a big turtleneck. I also like being able to compile different wish lists for my most wanted Styles. This allows me to come back to it as soon as I am ready to make a purchase.

ShopStyle provides a complete inventory database of my favorite retailers – which makes it easy for me to find and track the best pieces. You can browse millions of products, create holiday wish lists and receive sale alerts for all your favorite products. You can even Shop by Look, trend or occasion. Since I’m always looking for chic outfit ideas for the holidays–and the best deals online, I wanted to share them with you today. Below you will find my favorite looks for each holiday occasion, all taken from the ShopStyle platform.

Holiday dinner at work

One of the things I miss the most when I work in a corporate environment is holiday dinners and potlucks with my team. One of my favorite ways to bring the holiday spirit to the office was to add red accents, be it a red silk blouse, red pumps or a velvet blazer. If you are in a fashion office, glitter pumps, plaid blouses and jumpsuits look festive, but also business-like.

Dinner on a family holiday

Family dinners during the holidays can be different for everyone. I like to have a few options at hand, ranging from casual looks to more dressy Looks. I always like a red sweater with distressed jeans or a cozy sweater dress. It always helps to make sure that I look put together but not too stylish.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Weight exchange parties are one of my favorite ways to have fun with friends and family, so I prefer a casual approach to style. This usually means a comfortable knitted sweater, jeans and a coat. The outfit I’m wearing today is what you usually see me wearing for maximum comfort.

Holiday Cocktail

Holiday cocktails are one of the most memorable parts of the Season. And I think there’s nothing more appropriate than a glitter number. They are such a trendy piece that looks sexy and chic. Other alternatives that I like are velvet, lace and dark floral dresses.

Après-Ski Evening

The holidays evoke several fun themes, and one of my favorites is an après-Ski party. This is a great excuse to take out your favorite Fairisle fur jackets and sweaters. The great thing about these items is that they work every day – and also look great for a night of hot chocolate (or Cocktails) and watching your favorite holiday movies.

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