So Many Things You Really Need in Your Wardrobe


Creating the perfect wardrobe is not an easy task, and it often takes several years to create it. I was guilty of shopping impulsively, only to end up with a bunch of clothes that I rarely use. And over time, I learned that creating an effective wardrobe boils down to one thing: getting the right things that you can really wear normally. I think we can all agree that the best wardrobes are clothes that can be worn in different ways and on different occasions. It’s about creating the perfect balance that will allow your own sense of style to manifest. So, I’m going to tell you how many details you really need in your robe – and what exactly they are. Take a look in your own closet and see what you already have.

Sweater: 4

Since this is the optimal season for sweaters, we’ll start with comfortable caps. A solid wardrobe consists of at least 4 different sweaters. Two of them should be business and casual so that you can wear them in the office or at meetings. Think about sweaters, V-necklines that can be placed under buttons, and cardigans. The other half may be more fashionable casual sweaters that are perfect for weekend trips.

Teas: 7

I used to save up T-shirts because they were very easily available and easy to buy, but soon I realized that I wear the same ones all the time! I found that 7 t-shirts and T-shirts are a magic number – 2 short sleeves, 2 long sleeves and 3 T-shirts. The combination of sleeve lengths will satisfy all your layering needs, but is also great for wearing alone at any time of the year.

Shells: 15-20

This category was clearly the most difficult category that could be narrowed down to a profitable amount. However, here you can definitely bring a little more trend to your choice. I found that in order for the cabinet to be fully functional and versatile, only about 15-20 tops are needed. Here I have narrowed down the range of issues, making sure that any top can be worn with a mixture of bottoms. For every pair of bottoms I had (jeans, skirts and shorts), I really only needed 2-3 tops.

Coats and jackets: 4

As for outerwear, I very often choose 4 different coats and jackets. I have a fashionable spectacular coat that will decorate the outfit – for example, a faux fur coat or a plush coat. A leather motorcycle jacket to add elegance, a classic trench coat that will combine any outfit, and a casual denim jacket.

Suits and jackets: 2-3

I may no longer work in a traditional office, but work clothes such as a jacket or trousers are a permanent part of my life. I always mix and match my costume sets with everyday essentials. And two or three high-quality blazers or suits are enough to create a lot of chic and refined images. I’m hesitating between a fitted jacket and a large-sized boyfriend jacket.

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