Sneakers Are on My Autumn Wish List


Although I don’t wear sneakers very often on my blog, I often wear them during my daily runs. And when I saw that they had become such a big trend this year, I wanted to complement my favorite shoes for autumn. Heels and boots will still be staples for clothes, but I have to admit that my feet prefer the soft soles of sneakers. They are ideal for traveling, especially if you are visiting a new city that needs a lot of walking. I like that they are no longer just a functional and sporty option, but also a fashionable option for every day. Thanks to the futuristic touches, thick soles and playful design, adding sneakers to my outfits has become so natural. If you don’t wear sneakers regularly, finding the perfect pair can seem intimidating. But with a variety of styles to choose from, you are sure to find the ones that you like and that you will like. Scroll down to the sneakers on my wish list.

Sneakers Dad

This season is dedicated to the chunky dad’s sneakers. Although I haven’t embraced this trend yet, I’m looking forward to this fall. It was such a popular street style item for Fashion Week. It’s a subtle style to achieve, but I think it looks cool and stylish with leather trousers and a classic coat or with a long flowing dress. If the idea of wearing thick sneakers makes you grind your teeth, try one of the most comfortable options.

Minimalistic sneakers

Simple, minimalistic sneakers are perfectly combined with a textured pencil skirt, comfortable jeans and a hoodie. Although I like the look of white sneakers, they can be difficult to keep clean. So, I swear by this pair of Golden Geese, because they already look worn out and so chic and comfortable. They are more expensive, but there are more affordable and versatile options like this.

Leopard print Sneakers

You already know that leopard print is one of my favorite trends this season. And I think a pair of leopard print sneakers is the easiest way to get started. Every time I wear a lot of dark or neutral colors, this animal print always adds a little personality.

High-top sneakers

When it comes to high-top sneakers, I prefer to wear them with longer legs. For example, shirt dresses, maxi skirts or denim shorts. Since I am quite small, I think that an upscale style can often contradict my height. They can also look unflattering depending on where you are cutting. By combining them with images that show a little more legs, you can easily balance them.

Metal Sneakers

For sneakers with a slight touch of glamour, try a pair of metal or sequins. The reflective material creates a relaxed look – and they go perfectly with anything. From shoelaces to shoelaces, I love how they complement the simplest outfit, such as jeans and a T-shirt.

Retro sneakers

Given that vintage trends have become popular recently, it’s not surprising that flip-top sneakers have become popular again. And since everyone knows when you can see retro sneakers, I prefer to combine them with more modern silhouettes, such as a blazer with a narrow neckline or a monochrome suit.


Although I like casual and fashionable sneakers, I think it’s important to have reliable athletic shoes for a morning jog or going to the gym. Many sneaker brands, such as Nike and Adidas, offer a wide selection of bright colors and patterns that look great in the gym, but also go well with casual wear.

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