Basics You Need for a Capsule Wardrobe


When it comes to creating a wardrobe, I would prefer to start with a streamlined set of basic things that I can pick up for any occasion. Once I get this sorted out, I’ll start filling in the blanks with some of my favorite trends. Since I’ve been talking so much about autumn trends here on the blog, I thought now would be a good time to look back and share the main products I always rely on to look effortlessly chic.

I found out that there are actually only 10 basic items that are really needed for a capsule wardrobe. My closet is filled with all 10 items listed below, which has made my everyday clothes much easier. I usually mix and combine a few of these details to create a casual look suitable for the office or anything else that might fit. Whatever your style preferences, creating a capsule wardrobe will save you time and money in the long run. Below I share 10 basics that will change your wardrobe and will be a great starting point for dressing.

1. Blazer

Double-breasted jacket

A blazer is not only the perfect multi-layered garment, but also a time-tested piece of clothing that is the key to looking flawless and tight-fitting.

Inexpensive jacket

This is the best affordable alternative to my favorite Balmain blazer. Double-breasted style and metal buttons are ideal for decorating any image.

2. Little black dress

Little Black Dress

I like the LBD, which is versatile enough to wear day and night. The longer length and form-fitting style make it suitable for both the office and cocktail hour.

Budget Little Black Dress

This flattering figure is smaller than it looks and looks so chic. I like the clips on the waist and the wrap detail on the front.

3. White blouse or button-down blouse

Silk bottom button

A silk bottom button is one of the most versatile things you can have. Put it on high-waisted jeans to create an individual look, and in cool weather, put a jacket over it.

Budget button-down shirt

This year-round essential item is perfect for the office, an evening stroll or a weekend outing. I like all the different ways of styling it for autumn.

4. Simple T-shirt

Tea Collar

The perfect white T-shirt is one of those basics that everyone has. The square structure and oversized cut make it a favorite.

Budget, Vol.

For comfortable and casual T-shirts, you can’t go wrong with Haines. The fabric is not too transparent – and has an ideal thickness.

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